We only promise what we can deliver: Quality.

For us, quality begins even before production, as we select only the best raw materials – and these are sourced locally from the area surrounding Leisnig. Saxony has large deposits of solid bedrock and choice raw materials from the earth from which we produce our tiles. This allows for short transport routes and low transport costs.

Following inspection in our laboratory, the tiles are produced using state-of-the-art firing technology. Now things really get heated: in the four quick-firing kilns, temperatures can reach around 1,100°C. Here, we fire 25,000 square metres of tiles from more than 300 tonnes of raw materials every day.

We cast a critical eye over proceedings before, during and after production: using electronic cameras, we continually inspect the surface of each individual tile. Our products are compliant with DIN EN 14411, often exceeding the specified threshold values by a considerable margin. Ultimately, our quality management ensures that only especially high-quality tiles reach our warehouses and your home.


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