8 mm tile thicknessV2 Produkt mit leichtem Farbspiel

Did you know it’s quite easy to enlarge your bathroom? Our Line series creates optical illusions that add a few extra centimetres. The fine lines of our gloss and matt cream tiles will elongate your room and make it seem larger. The XL format will do the rest. Our dynamic glass border tiles in mocha will add a sense of flow.

And if your bathroom is already large enough, so much the better. Our elegant Line tiles will make it look not just more spacious but above all more beautiful.

30 x 60 cm
beige glossy striped
wall tile
Item number  LIN 92
30 x 60 cm
beige mat striped
wall tile
Item number  LIN 93
3.0 x 60 cm
natural stone mocha mat flat
Item number  NAT 9071