With us, substainability is inherent in each individual tile

As one of Germany's leading tile manufacturers, we believe that we have a particular responsibility – not only to ensure design and quality during production, but also to protect the environment. Therefore, sustainability and environmental awareness are not just words to us but a conviction inherent in our daily production.

In order to send out a clear symbol of our collective thinking, we have joined the IBU (Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. = Institute for Construction and the Environment), for which sustainable construction is the primary objective. The IBU is an initiative of building product manufacturers, whose members stem from all areas of the materials sector and who share a common goal: to raise awareness of sustainability, the environment and health. The quality product, that is "German Tiles", brings environmentally-conscious interior quality to every home – and thus provides a sustainable quality of life for generations to come.

And we don’t stop there: Kerateam is a member of the Saxon Environmental Alliance, an association of the Saxon State Government and Saxon companies, which aims to achieve environmental goals and reduce environmental pollution in the Region.


Umwelt-Produktdeklaration nach ISO 14025

IBU - substainable construction

IBU (Institut Construction and Environment) - promotes sustainable construction. You can download the brochure in english and france language here. (3.8 mb)


Deklarationsnummer Kerateam: EPD-IKF-2011111-D